GoG Island Terms Of service (TOS) - Subject to revision as deemed necessary by GoG;

01/30/2019 -Islands purchased prior to this date are subject to original TOS - check with Owlsky for those specific terms.

- Each purchased island will have its own unique IDENTIFIER assigned to them by GoG staff which references the grid, island size, purchase date and sequence number for that date (e.g., GoGA5Lg-01202019-001).
- An island purchase entitles the owner to full right(s) of access and control over the purchased island to include renaming it. This also includes exclusive rights over the island and the manner in which he/she controls it (i.e. Island rules, whether or not others can inhabit the island/build ports, as well ownership and control of the dinos/resources contained on it). NOTE - ALL GoG general server rules supersede Island specific rules.
- The island must be adequately marked as "Private Property/Private Island along with assigned GoG Identifier" no less than every 75 foundation lengths all around its perimeter.
- Island owners may charge rent or other in game/game related fees (not actual currency) for access to resources or for permission to inhabit the island. The form of said fee is at the discretion of the island owner.
- An island that is purchased does not guarantee protection from outsider raids or attacks (standard server raid rules apply).
- Island purchases are good for 180 days from the date of purchase and will be returned/made available to the market on the 180 day date. The owner may continue to reside on the island after the 180 days are up, however, any exclusive permissions granted with its purchase are null/void as of its anniversary date and if a new owner purchases the island, the new owners rules apply.
- Prior to the islands release to the open market, the island my be repurchased by the current owner for a new 180 day term prior to it being released to the market. The repurchase of the island will be the current shop price less 40%. There is a limit of 2 times that an island can be repurchased by an owner. At the conclusion of the 2nd repurchase term they can repurchase it at full shop price and the cycle will renew/repeat itself. If the owner does not wish to repurchase the island or fails to complete the repurchase of it prior to the 180th day being reached, it will be made available to anyone on the open market at current full shop price.
- Island ownership is non-transferable, cannot be resold and must remain in the possession of the tribe who purchased it for the term of the TOS purchase agreement. - Game mechanic issues which result from Grapeshot updates, mods updates, plugin updates are considered out of the direct control of GoG LLC. If they result in necessary server wipes or resets which impact items on or ownership of the island or items/dinos on it, are not the fault of GoG. This said, the terms of the TOS will remain in effect and the same or a comparable island will be provided to the purchaser for the remaining term(s) of the agreement.

General Terms of Service;

Donation Terms of Service;

Donations to any of the GamingOG server(s) are much appreciated and help us to keep the server running. Ongoing costs to maintain the server as well as to invest in new technologies which further what it can offer its community can be very costly. Donations can be rewarded in the form of a donation perk as detailed in the server shop. Items given to a donator for a donation made to the Gaming OG's server(s) are for virtual items. Those items (perks) have no monetary value and once purchased will not be refunded. The quality of the donation perk is entirely random and there are no guaranties of quality. There are programmed tier levels of increased probability associated with each donation tier level. Once again, donation transactions are final and there are no refunds so only purchase if you understand this policy.

If a donator is banned for breaking the discord community or gameplay rules of the Gaming OG's servers, the donator will not receive a refund and the donator will forfeit any used or unused perks they donated for. If a team/tribe is found guilty of abusing or breaking server or discord rules, the collective team/tribe can be banned. If this happens, any donator within the team/tribe will forfeit any used or unused donator perks issued to them (so make sure you can trust any team/tribe you join!). Bans are subject to the full discretion of the server owners and/or admins and rules can change as deemed necessary by server management from time to time. So be sure to check back on them to ensure you understand their current version/form. If Gaming OG's all virtual items no longer operate the server are forfeited without refund or compensation for them. Refund requests due to issues concerning lag, game glitches, or any other issues are subject to the discretion of the Gaming OG's owners and/or administration team as they often result from game issues which are out of the control of/by Gaming OG's . Gaming OG owners have an ultimate and final say on all decisions related to donation policies and related administration.(edited)

This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

About the GamingOGs Store 
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