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Welcome to GamingOGs!

By MrGamingOG a - Posted Dec 7, 18

Hello, Welcome to GamingOGs website!
First off, if you made it to this post I would like to sincerely thank you for making the effort to check us out! Welcome to GamingOG’s gaming/streaming server website where we plan to establish a friendly community that brings together a diverse set of players from around the world who have one thing in common, a love and appreciation for enthusiastic and enjoyable gaming.

Background: The server evolved and is funded by an avid and for all intents and purposes, old school gamer who's been playing online games since the interwebs were released for public consumption. Probably longer than many of you reading this have been alive (no shade meant, just saying). The server is heavily supported by a dedicated collective of new, middling and old school dudes who saw how other servers were being run and figured merely we could do as good or better.

The plan is to add several games to our GamingOG Discord community, our first venture centers on Ark Survival Evolved where those of us supporting this channel and server have several thousands of combined Official and Unofficial playing hours. We will be adding more games as we gain player momentum and support (so donate and donate often man this high-end server ain't cheap!).

Staff Team: (If you have any questions, please contact the staff, we'll be happy to help!)

Website: http://www.gamingogs.com/
Forums: http://www.gamingogs.com/forums/
Donate: http://buy.gamingogs.com
Minecraft Discord:** http://discord.me/gogmc