Introduction - Solarist_ - 9/2/18


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Sep 2, 2018
Hello, I am Solar. You can call me Blake, as I am more comfortable with being called that. I am joining this community due to loving the game Minecraft. I started playing all the way back in late 2012. I remember the first thing I did in the game, and it was going on creative and building a pyramid. Later on as I built this structure that I thought was so cool at the time, I came to not like the game. So, I gave it another shot, I then tried out the game mode survival and began to learn to love the game. I loved how you could adventure out into the unknown with endless possibilities. Or you could build these massive buildings from scratch with all these blocks that you could obtain. I love Minecraft and I always will. Now, aside from Minecraft, I love graphic designing, and playing baseball. I have played baseball since I was 3, crazy right? Well, you might be wondering how I played at 3 years old? There was a league called "The Diaper League". You basically just went around as toddlers throwing little soft balls and hitting the air with these baseball bats that were specifically made for toddlers. As I grew up, I passed through the T-Ball league, Machine Pitch, Minors League, and Majors League. I won my first championship as a Minor. That day was probably the best day of my life, I felt great, helping my team achieve this massive goal we have been working on for the whole season. I won't ever forget that day. This leads me onto graphic design. I just now recently got into graphic design. I am planning out branching into eSports Teams. It's going to take me a ton of effort and practice to get up to catch with the designers that work for those big eSports Teams. If you made it this far, I feel bad for you. You read a whole paragraph of me explaining the 3 things I enjoy in life, to conclude, those things are graphic design, baseball, and Minecraft! I hope you enjoyed this, and if you ever want to talk, message me on Discord at Solarist_#2673! Bye!
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