Helped your server a ton but u banned me for talking to fundamental.


New member
Jul 21, 2018
Yeah its GurkarnSD and you banned me for doing nothing other than talk to fundamental. I understand he was not following the rules and what not but that does not mean I should get banned. I was looking forward to playing and promoting the server. So if you see this and would like to explain why i was banned other than the reason: you were talking to fundamental so your racist. Please message me either on this forum thread or my discord account GurkarnSD#9796. Also would love to get and unban and forget this ever happened was really enjoying my time on the server and never disrespected any staff members or players so i dont know where you got that information from. Please respond asap.

- This is for the minecraft discord and server


Jun 8, 2018
You weren't banned simply because you talked with fundamental you were banned for disrespecting staff members in text chat alongside you defending fundamental.

I will lift your ban aslong you agree to our terms and service.

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